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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Status: online

Address: game.swsp.eu:27015 (click to connect)

Minecraft Lobby / Hub

Status: online

User: 0/1024

Address: mc.swsp.eu

Running Modpacks:

FTB Revelation Butzenbauer
direct: revelation.mc.swsp.eu
no restrictions
direct: butzenbauer.mc.swsp.eu
no restrictions
extra Modpacks:
Mekansim v9.8.3.390 (complete)
SRParasites v1.9.2
Version 0.5
Modpack Version 3.4.0

Minecraft Rules
1. no griefing, especially not in protected zones.
2. no insulting/mobbing/etc.
3. no spamming/advertising/etc.
4. no cheating/hacking/bug-using/etc.
5. do not overload the server with your builds/behaviour.
6. use mining-dimensions or similar for quarrying/dangerous projects/big mobfarms/etc.
7. only chat in english or german.
If you are willing to follow those rules type "/apply wackeldackel" in Lobby-chat, to unlock your minecraft account on our server.
Any intentional violation of these rules will result in an immediate ban.
Eventually you will be promoted to VIP by staff if you follow our rules, behave appropriately and play fair.